NZ Based Affiliate Scheme that works!!!!

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NZ Based Affiliate Scheme that works!!!!

Postby bbsl » Wed 10 Jan, 2007 6:03 pm

Hi there ... when you get time (not if) you should make your way to the Richmastery Affiliate Program website address, which is

Have a look. Its all quite simple to use, and it pays good dollars.

Also, in spite of the promotional page talking about you needing a website ... YOU DONT!!!

You can promote the products and services via Google Adwords, signatures, blogs, emails or anything else that will put your message in fromt of interested parties.

We have a very successful money-making venture based on Google Adwords supplying leads for the Richmastery Affiliate Scheme. And if we can do it, so can anyone!!

The Richmastery (Property Investment and Wealth Creation Education) Affiliate Scheme is great and it also allows you to have sub-affiliates. It currently pays down just the one extra level but is good for leveraging your time and investment.

Again, the affiliate scheme website address is

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