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Attn: Affiliates, Retailers, potential affiliates.....anyone

Posted: Wed 11 Jan, 2006 2:26 am
by Nick
Hello there everyone,

Just wanted to intro myself and get some feedback from everyone that is using this forum.

My name is Nick and I came back from the UK 3 years ago after owning portals and being involved in Affiliate Marketing in the UK and US since 1997/8.

I make a full time living out of Affiliate Marketing as well as doing some AM, SEO and online marketing consultancy work.

I am rather saddened to see how far behind we are here in NZ in the field of Affiliate Marketing and even ecommerce....and would like to put some effort into seeing how I can use my time to help take the market forward.

To help me to get a bit of an idea where things are standing in the market here, I would really appreciate it if you guys and girls that are using this forum, either regularly or intermittently, take the time to intro yourself and just say a little bit about what you do...or even if you are just starting out in AM.

I have a friend that owns an Affiliate Marketing company that would be only too happy to open a dedicated NZ office here and make his Network facilities available if there is sufficient interest ...and this is really what this country needs to start to move forward. I say this because I went through the days in the late 90's in the UK when merchants, retailers and online service providers started off trying to set up and use their own independant Affiliate Programs, and really this is a painful and pretty much unproductive exercise.

I have friends in the UK that have come from a wide variety of backgrounds that now as full-time affiliate marketeers earn six figure amounts each year, and the merchants and retailers they promote benefit greatly from their efforts and expertise.

This can happen in this country too, but it is going to take AM to come out of the cupboard and make its presence felt.....

So I'd love to get some feedback from all of you to see how many interested merchants, affiliates and other interested parties there are out there in this country.....


Posted: Wed 18 Jan, 2006 9:28 pm
by helen99
Hi Nick, Thanks for your post.

I am definitely just starting out in the Affiliate Marketing field, (having done a little bit of dabbling, I will have to admit), and I have no website as yet, but I am looking for sites that are already selling stuff, that I can be a part of, and promote and co-sell with.

I have been around the traps of various Network Marketing initiatives, and while that method of marketing holds many benefits, undoubtably, and many claim to function fully online, I myself, am leaning more towards Affiliate Marketing as being the superior marketing method.

There's some sites in New Zealand that already have a fully operational affiliate marketing program that I can just click the button on, and I can be all set up, and be away, in minutes, and further down the track, access my stats page and sales page, and every other wonderful thing under the sun.

It's really great, and I appreciate those on the forum who have taken the effort to research and list the various affiliate program sites that are currently available in New Zealand.

But there has to be more!

It indeed would be great to see this method of online marketing being more utilised in New Zealand by all levels and types of businesses, from the Dick Smiths of the world, to the, um, Dick Smiths of the world.(-:

I agree with you, Nick, that AM needs to come out of the cupboard, in New Zealand, and if there is an operating business, such as the one you have mentioned, that has done all the homework, in terms of what is needed, marketing wise, software wise, and server wise, for businesses and merchants to operate a fully functional affiliate marketing program, then that has got to be a good thing.

So yes, as a member of this forum, I'd like to put forward my feedback, and say that I'd be a supporter of Affiliate Marketing having a stronger presense in New Zealand, definitely.

Cheers from Helen

Posted: Wed 25 Jan, 2006 5:35 am
by Ebco
Hi im a Kiwi living in Sweden and am also new to the Affiliate Marketing world but am very excited about it.Im in the process of getting my web site up and running so will keep you posted.Have a good one!

Posted: Sat 04 Feb, 2006 11:11 pm
by Pam06
Hi there,
Pam here from Hawkes Bay.

Ive been searching on the internet for a wee while for a business to run out of home, and keep coming back to affiliate marketing.

After sifting through all the rubbish... and there is endless amounts of it, its reassuring to find a place for kiwis and kiwi products. I would definitely be interested in a site for an Affiliate Program.

I hope NZ doesnt do the "tall poppy" thing when AM is given a good shakeup!

Posted: Fri 10 Feb, 2006 8:29 pm
by gillms

I am new to this forum as I have only just found out that it exists!

I have been dabbling in Affiliate marketing for some months now and have just decided to get more serious about it and want it to become my full time work.

I have been looking for some type of marketing program in NZ that could help me but to no avail (I am on a strict budget and can't afford what is available)

You are right in what you are saying in that NZ is well behind the times in the whole ecommerce arena and the sooner it gets a shake up the better

Posted: Mon 13 Feb, 2006 9:20 pm
by Nick

When you say you have been looking for "some type of marketing program in NZ" can you explain a bit more what you are after?

If for example you are an online retailer or service provider and you are looking for an Affiliate Program to run on your site, I may be able to help.

Also to all the rest of you guys and gals that have taken the time to intro yourselves in reply to my posting, I would say many thanks! ....and keep it coming!



Posted: Tue 14 Feb, 2006 8:44 pm
by pantz
Hey all,

It's good to see posts like Nick's after looking hard for a NZ Affiliate forum.

A lil about myself...I started off in web design and after 5 years of coding & endless phone calls I've changed direction and would like to develop my own sites. I've built a few international sites that do quite well through advertising but I'd like to try my hand at affiliate programs in NZ.

I'm looking to build a NZ web site that promotes NZ companies & products through affiliates. After 1 month of researching NZ companies, web sites, affiliate programs etc I have come to a dead end. There are simply not enough companies in NZ that offer good affiliate programs.

Why aren't companies like Dick Smith, Farmers, FoodTown etc offering affiliates for ppl like us?

The ones I have found don't look promising; to be honest the sites look like they were built in 2 hours.

I'd be a strong supporter of Affiliate Marketing in New Zealand, do us all a favour ;)


Posted: Thu 23 Feb, 2006 10:42 pm
by Nick
Hey pantz,

Good to here from you. Yes it's completely frustrating the situation here in NZ. I spoke to many of the large companies in this country about 3 years ago offering the free use of an established Affiliate Marketing Network. Really they had no idea. I got responses like "We're Dick Smith, what do we need an affiliate program for....." and "oh yes, affiliate marketing, thats like multi-level marketing is'nt it, just like Amway right?" Duh....!!!!

A large part of the problem is that it is a chicken and the egg scenario. People in this country are'nt going to bother trying to shop online until there is a selection of merchants with sites that are properly ecommerce enabled and are user-friendly. And they are few and far between. Those merchants that have sites have absolutely no idea about online marketing....and they simply are not prepared to admit that they have no idea and are not prepared to listen to the handful of people that have come back from overseas with the knowledge and hands-on expertise.

I mean look at the number of websites that have cost thousands to develop and they cannot even be found on the main search engines. Basic silly mistakes by some, and a complete lack of knowledge by most others.

Peoples attitudes are a big part of it too. Just look at the number of people that have viewed this thread and less than 6 have bothered to even intro themselves and join in!

This can be changed and it is people like us that will help to change it.

I have many friends in the UK and US that earn upwards of $200,000 a year as full time affiliate marketeers. And when more people wake up to what they can do on their own PC working from home, it will blow peoples minds.

I'm prepared to spend my own time and effort helping out those (merchants and potential affiliates) that want to learn more, but they got to want to have the desire first.

C'mon, lets help get New Zealand out of the dark ages!

Hello all

Posted: Fri 10 Mar, 2006 11:17 am
by Zabeat
Just joined today - here's an intro.
Been involved in Internet stuff since 1996, mainly with SMEs.
Last month launched a website with two business partners after 15 months of web *development (*includes frustration.)
Site offers Kiwis the ability to create their own website in a few minutes and includes first page free without having to purchase more.
Launched with email campaign (opt in) and have already got more than 1000 members.
We are looking at more ways to Internet market the site which may include Affiliate programs, Google ads - I know basically how they work - but would like to get it right first time.We are looking to build membership numbers as much as sell web pages.
Would appreciate any advice Nick.


Posted: Wed 15 Mar, 2006 12:28 am
by Nick
Hey there Tony,

Would be happy to help in anyway I can. Why not PM me and include a contact number and we can have a chat on the phone if you like.



Posted: Thu 16 Mar, 2006 12:33 am
by scarey

Just stumbled across this site when I was googling NZ affiliate sites and I agree we are in a sad state. I have been on some US/Canadian forum's where WAHM's are making good money with affiliates but of course their affiliates don't alwasy suit us.

I am a life coach and wanting products I can offer my clients (my target is busy working mums) and so far all I can see that would be good is red balloon days to help relieve that stress.

NZ get with it I say!

S :lol:

Posted: Wed 29 Mar, 2006 2:48 pm
by Sandy
Hi Nick

Im a bit like Pantz, I started doing web design a few years back and although Ive had no official training I can still work most things out. Unfortunately the more I learn (all self taught starting with a $50 book on html from a book store) the more I seem to fall behind the real professionals. Ive started thinking than instead of trying to compete with the big guys I should create my own websites and make money for myself.

Ive played around with AM but am still at quite a loss as to how to get customers to the products. Ive tried a bit of PPC with Google and another company without much success. I have a couple of information websites I have built up, one on womens sports and one on netball and would love to have products that I can promote on both sites, BUT, heres the big BUT, even the likes of Rebel Sports do not have an affiliate program. Take a look at their own website, its quite pathetic really.

I would love to be making what your friends are making overseas but really cant see NZ being able to provide the market, well, not just yet anyway. If your friend was serious about opening up an office down here then count me in to help, in whatever capacity. Its time NZ pulled its finger out and caught up with the rest of the world.

PS Some decent teaching wouldnt go amiss either, as Ive been scammed and lead down the garden path so many times its not funny.

Posted: Thu 30 Mar, 2006 3:39 pm
by Nick

Maybe a few tips might help - hope they are not issues that you have already thought of, or discovered yet.

Getting traffic? Search engine optimisation of each page on your site is important so that each page on your site has the opportunity to be ranked in a variety of the main search engines - if you have not discovered Search Engine Optimisation yet then be sure to educate yourself on using current methods, and not those that worked a year ago. Getting traffic in New Zealand is relatively easy as there is minimal competition here. The Page Title and Description metatags are the most important - the Keywords metatag is much less important now. Optimise one page for one particular search phrase - on one particular subject. Do not try and optimise each page for a whole variety of search phrases. Use one of the "tools" available to identify the actual search phrases being used by searchers - NOT search phrases you "think" are being used.

The other area is Links. Start a link exchange stratgey with other websites, this will bring traffic as well as helping your Page Rank - which is essential to get a decent ranking particularly in Google - essential in more competitive markets like the US or UK. Do it in a planned and orderly fashion so that you do not ruin the overall appearance of your site i.e. have a special page specifically for mutual linking.

In respect of the pitiful situation here in NZ. Have you thought about taking those sites with all the valuable content that you have written, and putting them up ona domain. That way you can use the many Affiliate Programs that are available in the UK - and the beauty of that ... a much larger market PLUS you will earn commissions in UK Pounds ...which is now paying 2.7 times more when you convert it to NZ$. I do no AM working in this country (except my consultancy work) - virtually all is done in the UK and US, with some Australian starting shortly. Yes even the Aussies are way ahead of us here. So it's the old story, if the market is not going to come to you - then you go to the market. For UK Affiliate Netwoks, see companies like Commission Junction in the UK,, Affiliate Future, Affiliate Window and Tradedoubler. Remember, if you are going to do any searching, use the relevantly geographically SE, e.g.

For the more reliable information you should be reading and using, join the specialist Forums like WebMasterWorld and Search Engine News. Here you can mix with those that are doing this for a full time living and they are usually only to happy to provide advice ...much in the same way that I am.

I am aware that there are a few crew in this country with varying degrees of knowledge that are attempting to jealously guard this info, but this is totally stupid because all they are doing is helping to keep this country in the dark ages. Also by talking more about Affiliate Marketing openly, the many merchants in this country that are attempting to get an ecommerce presence established, and that are currently just playing at it, will gradually become more educated, and will realise that they need to become a lot more educated about what it takes to get serious traffic - and make their sites a success.

If this sounds negative, just look at how many NZ sites cannot even get ranked in Google in NZ. And that is a complete joke because there is so little competition here at the moment.

I would go so far as to say that any NZ ecommerce site that is not using offering an Affiliate Program is just playing ...they are either not serious about getting traffic, OR they are simply lacking the knowledge. I spent time when I first got back to this country about 4 years ago, cold-calling people like Dick Smith and Noel Leeming. The trouble is I got sick of being treated like a second hand car salesman by the majority of people that were too embarrased to admit they did not know what they were talking about, and were simply not interested in learning. Online marketing is a whole new field of specialisation and too many merchants think that they have cracked it by paying thousands of dollars to web designers who know little or nothing about SEO. More should be spent on online marketing, and less on the fancy websites offering the whistles and bells to the traffic that never comes and gets to use it.

Sadly even those few merchants that are running an Affiliate Program, are all making the major mistake of trying to do it on the cheap by installing and running an Affiliate Program solution on their own server. It usually takes about 12 months before they realise that they are in way over their head, and that as well as having major problems, they are simply not getting the traffic they expected. And this is simply because they then have to go out and recruit their own Affiliates - which will take months and months. If you deal with a professional affiliate network, they already have a pool of affiliates just waiting to link to them and promote them.

But there is a solution! I have a network owned by a friend of mine that is ready to come onshore over here in this country...they are just waiting for a few Kiwi merchants to realise that it is time to get serious. And Sandy, if you want to help that happen, just start contacting a few merchants and ask if they have considered implementing an Affiliate Program. Simply speak to the person in charge of Marketing. If only 5-10 people in this country each started doing this, then I can organise to get that network operating here in a matter of 3 - 4 weeks. I am also pretty sure that I could get them to agree to offer the use of their program to merchants in NZ with no sign-up charges for the first 6 months.

Hope some of this helps.

Affiliate Marketing & Online Marketing Consultant

Posted: Thu 30 Mar, 2006 4:06 pm
by Sandy
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your post, its very informative and basically confirms some of the things that I had been wondering about.

As for ringing people about implimenting an affiliate program, I would probably need to learn more before I could try and convince someone else what a great marketing tool it is. Being such a novice myself, I probably wouldnt be able to answer many of their questions.

Posted: Sat 01 Apr, 2006 12:00 am
by Nick
I'm willing to assist in whatever way I can without any cost. Thats why I replied to your PM with my contact details.

Will look forward to speaking with you.

Affiliate & Online Marketing Consultant