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Post by sohonz » Sun 09 Jul, 2006 3:47 pm

Hi everybody,
Just joined a couple of days ago and was really pleased to find a forum for NZ affiliates, was getting a bit lonely out there in cyberspace, trying to grasp all the knowledge required to become an affiliate.

Have been looking around for the past 5 months now and have noticed as well the lack of NZ affiliate programmes, particularly as I think NZ has a lot to offer in terms of niche sites. Probably a mind set thing,NZers are yet to grasp the idea not only of buying and selling on the net but also the wider opportunities in terms of information and employment. Although TradeMe is changing this in some way. Maybe TradeMe could offer a way of selling the idea of using the internet more broadly.

Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all the real good issues that are raised on this site with regards to being part of the affiliate environment.


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Post by hk996 » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 8:43 am

NZers are yet to grasp the idea not only of buying and selling on the net but also the wider opportunities in terms of information and employment
i agree with you 100% internet is full of opportunities, some good and some bad! :)
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Post by Jackle32 » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 7:41 pm

Hi Everyone
i've recently come accross Affiliate Marketing and am just discovering how effective it can be.
I'm actually an avionics technission fot the RNZAF by trade and am very keen on investing.

Nick, i can definately understand where your comming from with regard to your opposition to websites setting up their own affiliate programs, however i've come accross a company who have really done a good job of it. in fact last week i attended a SEMINAR they put on to teach people the ways of affiliate marketing and all the stratigies involved. it was a fantastic days learning, even for my partner!
if you are seriously considering putting on an affiliate workshop i would definately be interested!

anyway i just thought i'd make myself known to everyone and say HI


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Post by Nick » Thu 27 Jul, 2006 2:21 am

Hello there Jackie32 (Chris)

It's not that I am opposed to websites setting up their own AM program, its just that this is often the entry point for many first timers, or those website owners that have little previous experience of AM, and running such a program. It usually takes about 3 - 6 months before they find out what an ineffective pain in the arse it is, and then they usually write off AM as a complete waste of time. As a result they then miss out on the use one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

I was very interested to hear about the Seminar put on recently about AM that you mentioned. Who was involved in putting that together and do you have any further info about it?

In respect of the opportunities offered by the Internet, I reckon that people will look back 50 years from now and say "I wish I'd been around then!"

If you look at the 3 other traditional media mediums - print, TV and radio, to get involved in any of those you are talking absolute megabucks. And yet the potential that the Net offers is greater than all 3 of them put together - and in case anyone does not believe that, go check out the ad revenues that Google is producing.

Great to see new people coming in and contributing. Keep it up crew.

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Post by Jackle32 » Thu 27 Jul, 2006 1:28 pm

Hey Nick,

a little bit more about that seminar i mentioned earlier, it was run by a guy called "Matthew Taylor" and His partner 'Tasha', and is part of the affiliate group. Their all about promoting and teaching successful investment strategies and the like.
The seminar was held in Auckland last weekend and was one of the best things i've done! i've implemented alot of the strategies taught in the seminar
(Including the link down the bottom :wink: )
I've used several of their Products and am soon looking to invest into not only affiliate matketing but Property Aswell.

If your looking to create one of your own i'd be happy to work through some ideas with you.
The support's definately out there
Right guys and gals?!

P.S. if your interested in joining their AM program click below.

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Post by Nick » Tue 08 Aug, 2006 1:24 pm

Thanks for that info. Yes, I was aware of this group. I'm sorry because there was a bit of a misunderstanding because from your earlier post I was under the impression that they were a company that specialised in offering Affiliate Marketing as their business as opposed to them effectively being a merchant that is using an affiliate marketing program as part of their online marketing strategy.

My only concern would be in regards to what affiliate program they are actually using, because I can see that it appears to an Independantly produced solution, and generally the level of tracking capability can be reasonably limited - and in some cases not as reliable as it could be.

I was interested to see that whereas RichMastery generally used to be pretty much strictly property based, they now seem to be branching out into motivational training. It will be interesting to see how they go.
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Post by Jackle32 » Tue 08 Aug, 2006 4:57 pm

Hey Nick
yeah, they have taken on a few different branches and offer them through their affiliate program. sorry about the misunderstanding in my earlier posts.
as i understand it the affiliate program works by capturing the customers details through the unique affiliate link which then ties that customer to you. you also get a comission from any further purchaces made by the customer.
the idea is to market a free "property investing pack" when they enter their details the cstomer is sent out this pack worth $249, and then there in the marketing system. i e-mailed matthew last week and asked him what the conversion rate from people who order the free pack to those who make further purchaces and it was 10-20%.
what do you mean by "limited" tracking? is there something there missing?

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Post by affiliatelicious » Thu 17 Aug, 2006 1:28 pm

Hi Nick

I have been very interested in affiliate programs and did a bit of research before, signup with a few sites but non of them really works, therefore slowly I believe that it's very hard to survive in affilate anymore since there are so many people doing it nowsaday (maybe I am wrong!)

Anyway, I have been searching other work from home alternatives, most of the websites recommend affilations which I don't even know where and how I should start.

I currently selling some brand new items in trademe - well, it did generate quite good part time income 3 years ago compare now, then I setup my own site to sell the items I imported - I found it very hard to retain existing customers. Most of them buy once then return for second time and never come back. I did send out newsletter once a month, it only lead to one sale... which is not looking very bright. It takes too much effort to running a site that no one will visit... therefore I basically have abondon it :(

I would really love to get active on the web for the type of working from home job, would you please help and provide some suggestions? ie. how to attract traffic to websites, how to retain customers, how do I setup a site for affiliation program? Any technical knowledge required? I only am good at html, css and fairly basic php.

Look forward to your recommendation.

Thank in advance

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Post by Nick » Fri 18 Aug, 2006 11:44 pm


Sorry I have not been around recently but we had a death in the immediate family and everything was sidelined.

affiliatelicious, the only difference between now and 5 years ago is basically one thing, and one thing only...then it was easy to manipulate your way into a top position on Google for a wide range of Search Terms. You simply identified the search phrases that people were using with Tools like WordTracker and on Overture/Yahoo, and then you optimised your metatags and page text accordingly. That still works to some extent on other search engines. But if you want to make affiliate marketing work now, and make it work so that it will look after you long do as follows:

1. Find a subject, hobby or topic that you have a passion for, know something about and enjoy

2. Plan and design a website that has as many pages as possible with each page specifically dealing with a various aspect of that hobby or thing you enjoy

3. Build your that website.

4. Teach yourself about "search engine optimisation".

5. Make sure that every page of your website has the right meta-tags containing the right information about the info on that respective page

6. Start building backlinks to your site by exchanging links with other site....not from any old sites, but sites with content relevant to yours.

7. Decide which country you want to make your site available to and buy the right domain...try and get a domain with a name that is relevant eg if your website is about Ice Hockey, dont go and buy a name like - oh and by the way - select a target market in a country where there are merchants that can supply products or services to your customers in that country i.e. don't expect UK customers to buy from you site here in NZ unless your site is about something unique to NZ and that they cannot get in the UK.

8. Select affiliate programs from affiliate networks in that country that offer products that are compatible with what your website is about. Then put those links on your site.

9. Add a Blog to your site - update it daily - the search engines love sites that keep adding new content regularly.

10. Keep building more links and keep experimenting with building traffic will come - be patient.

In other words, select a topic or subject, and to pick one of the most popular fields on the web - babies.

If you like babies, then build a website all about having babies, and bring them up. Put as much info on the site about babies. The affiliate links that you put on your site are all related to babies and selling baby gear and equipment. People that want, or are interested in, baby info will gradually start visiting your site....and when they see products there that you discuss on your site, they will click on those links and buy them - then you make your commission.

Basically, just remember that search engines are all about content, lovely rich content.... they love it.If you make that content available then the search engines will come to you, and so will the traffic. Just putting a blank webpage up with a bunch or affiliate links and banners all jumbled up, never worked. It did not work in 2000, and it certainly will not work now!

Affiliate Marketing has only just started overseas, even after 7 years .....and here in NZ, it has not even begun yet.

This is not money for nothing. This is about building a business that can make you good money working from your PC at home. But you have to be prepared to put the time and effort in. And never be afraid to experiment. Just don't look for shortcuts by trying to spam Google. It does not work now and could result in getting your site dumpled by Google.

Hope this encourages and helps you.
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Content is King

Post by noskire » Sun 20 Aug, 2006 11:08 am

If you focus on providing relevant, interesting content built around your topics then the rest should fall into place.

It's the search engines' job to return the most relevant results, so don't try to dupe them, help them out!

If you want some tips on building traffic, check out Allan Gardyne's free report
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Post by athlete12345 » Tue 05 Dec, 2006 2:29 pm

Hi all.

I am very new into the AM world, but can't help but be excited by Nicks talk of an AM office in NZ. I would love to be involved. I think it would be great to get a team together with a list of different skills such as website programming, offline marketing etc.

This would make it more attractive I feel to the New Zealand stores.

I admit that I do not have much experience but am willing to learn. I love anything to do with business and feel that this is a great niche market.

Nick, I would love to be involved in the business opportunity if you would have me.

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Post by Cheeky » Wed 13 Dec, 2006 11:54 am


Brendan here in Christchurch, just trying to find some productive way to spend my day. So just starting out, and just starting a site and will post my link once it is underway. Very pleased to see other kiwi's are making a go of AM etc as well. I have joined up at a Aussie blocks site that is great, and so much better than the few ebooks I bought (link in my Profile).

I have very briefly tried Adwords this month and they happily ate my money and wanted more!

Look forward to sharing and reading.

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Post by Pugsie01 » Fri 09 Feb, 2007 2:11 pm

Hi mark
my name is Robert I have just come across this forum
I am a complete newbie to AM and am ever so keen to get myself up and running so that I to can begin promoting the opps this amazing internet has to offer us..
I do have some good promo Ideas for NZ...
I would be most interested to be involved..

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I'd like to help

Post by laterales » Sun 18 Feb, 2007 2:10 pm

My website is aimed at people who sell on TradeMe but I offer free information on AM because I am sure that people who sell on TradeMe would be interested. I feel this way because making money on TradeMe was what got me interested in all things making money online.

If I can help to spread the word in any way I would like to be part of your project.
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Post by » Wed 04 Apr, 2007 8:06 pm

Wow, great chat.
I own and run the site in my signature and am also looking to really get into the AM side of things. I along with others it would seem would be interested in attending seminars on AM and assosciated topics. I think by your vast knowledge Nick that you could definatly do this and create interest from it in NZ.

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