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Posted: Sun 23 Apr, 2006 2:58 pm
by Nick
c'mon guys and girls, how about a little more participation.

I see we have had 116 viewers and only 6 have bothered to reply or contribute.

It would be great to see online marketing and affiliate marketing grow here in NZ and I am happy to make nearly 10 years hands on knowledge and experience available to you at no cost.

So come on get your A into G and introduce yourselves and if you have questions, just ask.

Affiliate Marketing & Online Marketing Consultant

keep motivating

Posted: Mon 08 May, 2006 4:22 pm
by deannz
Hi Nick,
i've only just returned to AM (my partner and i had our first child a couple of months back) and its great to see that you're genuinely motivated to create change.
Late last year i created a weight loss ebook programme ( has been doing ok- but slower than i would have thought. I pretty much left it to its own devices while on baby mode.
My pay merchant is clicbank and i've just been using adwords for traffic.
I suspect my site needs to be modified(there's too many pages for one) but an interesting observation is that the US afffilaite sites tend to be the one page that you scroll down 'forever'.
What do you think of that single page format versus multiple web pages?


Posted: Tue 09 May, 2006 2:31 am
by Nick
Hi Dean,

A big congrats on the new babe - they are just the best.I have 2 myself (9 & 2) and they really do add something special to life.

Looked atyour site...the subject must be one of the best ...always has a huge market. Having said that I looked at your site and potentially you could do heaps more with this. You neeed more content on the site across more pages, with each page dedicated to a specific topic. Remember if each page is optimised properly, then each becomes a potential landing page for search engine traffic. Of course each page must be optimised to that topic, but then you would gradually see a major jump in traffic. And if you did this correctly, it would be targetted traffic which would inevitably mean a much higher sales conversion rate

I would be interested to know how many unique visitors a day you are getting at the moment because if you look at your meta-tags they do not offer much in respect of actual search terms that people are actually using. Also Google is currently spidering 8 pages on your site but is only showing 3 pages as being relatively unique and you need to change that. Also with this being a .com you are really putting yourself in a market where their is a lot of competition for those search terms. You should maybe consider segmenting your market geographically and in countries like NZ and Aust you will find it a bit of a doddle getting good ranking on the SE's.

I reckon you could do a lot with's really just a marketing exercise. You have the content, now its just a matter of using imaginative ways to get traffic and to market it. For example you could do a give-away lite version of the book and use it to drive traffic and then on your site you have affiliate links where people could buy products that you recommend in the book. That way you earn money even if the visitor doesn't even buy the book. You also need backlinks to your site - these you could get by offering lite versions of the books to be given away at more heavily trafficed sites. This will drive more free traffic for you. There really is a lot you could do - especially with the knowledge and qualifications that you have.

To answer your question though....generally the more content you have across the most number of pages, the better you will do - as long as the pages are optimised correctly.

Adwords can of course drive traffic for you but because of the cost you do need to get a good conversion rate, and thats why I look to the SE's so much because it's free traffic. Personnally speaking I think your site also needs to have more "SELL" to it. If you look at those US 1 page sites you mentioned, they do that for a reason....and it's not necessarily for the benefit of the SE's. You should go through and carefully look at those pages and how they are structured, because that is a very powerful effective marketing style ...they are actually really "selling" you the product - for example just look at all the freebie extras that so many of them seem to throw in. Having said that I do not believe that style works so good outside the US.

Anyway I would be happy to discuss it more with you and throw more ideas at you for you to consider. If you want why not PM me and I will send you my contact number here in Auckland and we can have a chat on the phone.

All the best and hope some of this info helps.

Affiliate & Online Marketing Consultant

Attn: Affiliates, Retailers, potential affiliates.....anyone

Posted: Sun 14 May, 2006 1:23 am
by mailly
I have signed up with a number of affiliate ops.
however am stymied by my inability to market. I
would love for Nick to set something up in the way
of a classroom so that learning can be done on site
rather than through correspodence (or email).
As for bus.ops. in this country - wouldn't the prices
have to go up to fit in all the affiliate payments?


Posted: Sun 14 May, 2006 3:15 am
by Nick
Hi Dianne,

As far as online marketing goes, I have been thinking over the last 6 months or more how I could set something up that would allow people who are serious about learning about Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing - because after all its something you cannot really go to a University and learn if for no other reason than knowledge of the search engines is a big part of it, and this is an issue that is constantly changing.

Also do to this in professional manner would involve writing a course format and syllabus - take a lot of time or what??? While I am happy to pass on as much knowledge as possible, on the commercial site I have to balance taking that time out from running my own sites and the consultancy work I do.

I have given some thought to actually putting on some classes up here in Auckland, where a number of similarly interested people could attend, but it simply comes down to there being a sufficient number of people being interested. In fact there is a whole business opportunity in that alone because I am sure if the time was taken to approach the business market here in Auckland, there would be heaps of interest. Anyone out there wanting to have a think about that with me?

Having said that, there is a lot of good info already out there on the net some of which is available free if you are prepared to spend the time looking for it. The other place you can get a heap of good info, and it's where I go on a regular places, is the Forums like those at WebMasterWorld and SearchEngineWorld. It might cost $70 a year but the info you get is absolutely invaluble.

I have preferred private contact previously simply because I can get more info across to the person concerned in a short space of time rather than writing pages in an email.

In respect of your last question about prices going up because Affiliates needing to be paid? ABSOLUTELY NOT - that should not be the case! You must remember that the majority of businesses offering products for sale on the net are retailers themselves. They buy from wholesalers and add on their retail margin. For a retailer to run a successful Affiliate program, they should realise that by having any number of affiliates, they are actually becoming a wholesaler themselves, and their affiliates become the retailer. Yes it means they must take a smaller profit margin on the sale of each article sold through their Affiliates, but the volume of sales they receive should increase several thousand percent if they operated their Affiliate Program professionally. And by this I mean they should consider their affiliates as their own sales force.

They should incentivise them with things like monthly sales competitions, encourage their affiliates to interact and communicate with them on a regular basis seeking affiliates ideas on how to increase sales, and making sure that their affiliates have everything they need to promote the hell out of their products.

An affiliate that has that degree of support and incentive can produce amazing results when it comes to sales figures. In fact many of the companies that I work with overseas, employ a full time Affiliate Manager just to run their affiliate sales force just like they would with a traditional sales force. And thats one of the services that my clients have me do. SADLY, VERY SADLY I only know one company in New Zealand that has had the business sense to do that - its no they wonder they don't get the level of sales they expect.

Sorry if I sound rather blunt and to the point about those comments, but ecommerce here in New Zealand is in a dreadful state. We are at least 4 - 5 years behind the UK and even further behind the States. Even Australia is leaving us behind. Most online retailers here don't seem to be interested in wanting to learn how to make a success of their website. The most common mistake is that they see their website as a solution. It's's simply a tool, which needs to be worked properly. You can't even find most of their sites on the search engines simply because the team they have had design their website, don't know what needs to be done to make the sites friendly to the search engines.

So I hope that answers the question adequately.

Dianne I am happy to answer whatever questions I can, so ask away. If I can be of help, I am happy to be! Otherwise for now I would strongly suggest researching the topics of Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing on the Net, and seek out those forums. Read other peoples questions and see the answers like people like myself have provided. And don't be afraid of asking you your own questions because we all have had to start somewhere. And it it helps to motivate you to get really involved, I can tell you that most of my associates are making 5 and 6 figure annual incomes just from affiliate marketing.

In respect of your own site(s) the secrets are summarised as follows: You need to get the free traffic from the search engines - so learn how to optimise every page on your site for the SE's particularly Google. Find the tools that will show you the terms that people are actually using to search on, then use those search terms in the right places on your site. Secondly as your traffic increases, then look for ways to maximise your sales conversions - take a look at your site and try and see it from a users perspective. Would you find your own site worth visiting? Would you make repeat visits to your own site? If you are trying to sell baby clothes using affiliate links, then you should be offering the right content to attract and maintain that baby related traffic. You should be looking to achieve sales conversion rates of 1 - 2%.

Are the companies that you have signed up with NZ-based? If they are you need to be a bit careful because the few NZ companies that are attempting to offer an Affiliate Program, are attempting to run their own programs on their own server rather than through an established third-Party Affiliate Network ....and this is usually a total disaster with sales not being tracked properly, insufficient time and support being given to their affiates, and their Affiliate Program. All this usually ends up with Affiliates not making any money - and this results with them giving it away. So the third secret is working as much as you can, through an established Affilaite Marketing company.

In respect of classes and training, I am open to ideas.

Hope this has helped a bit.


Online & Affiliate Marketing Consultant.

Posted: Tue 16 May, 2006 12:41 am
by mailly

Thanks v.much for the full reply - you do sound very busy though (to run classes). I will be watching this forum to see if you did decide sometime to run a workshop.


Posted: Wed 17 May, 2006 3:50 pm
by lowkey
thanks for the info already nick. perfect stuff.

i'm just new to the affiliate game and am currently looking around at dropshipping kiwi products in overseas markets. plus some affiliate marketing too.

Posted: Sat 20 May, 2006 1:57 am
by Nick
Welcome to the Forum lowkey.

Make sure you stay in touch and don't forget if you have any questions about AM, I am sure one of us here will be able to help.

Posted: Mon 12 Jun, 2006 11:52 pm
by claw
Hey all, just found this forum today after looking into AM. I am currently a student at waikato university studying E-Commerce (finish in couple of weeks), and now looking into marketing as a fulltime job.

Affiliate marketing semms very interesting and hopefully i should be able to get it a go and see what i can do :) Thanks nick for all the info i have seen so far, its all helped.

As for the issue in nz, im kinda new to AM but just looking through the search engines u find business advertised on google on page 6 when theres just crap on page 1! i have seen the bad marketing which is why i would like to work in this industry to see nz improve whilst having fun!

Cheers all


Posted: Tue 13 Jun, 2006 12:37 am
by Nick
Welcome to the forum Louis,

I well understand your comments about Google. This problem has been getting worse over the last 2 years as G has been trying to change their search ranking algorythm to block some of the spamming coming from the darker side of the SEO and AM communities. Also because many of us in the past have been successful engineering our way up in the rankings above the merchants who we have been affiliated with - some of the bigger merchants got their nose out of joint and started screaming a bit - and G took some notice.

Trouble is the changes Google have been making have resulted in many crappy and often unrelated sites appearing on the first couple of pages even when they have little or nothing to do with the search phrase being used - a complete joke. Many of us are praying that the rumours are true and that MS makes a move to buy Yahoo so as to give Google has some decent competition.

Anyway, keep contributing, this forum needs more active membership.


Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Consultant

Posted: Tue 20 Jun, 2006 9:26 pm
by Tasha
Hi there,
I'm a 30 year old currently 'working from home' selling brand new items on TradeMe.
I have been doing this for the last few years but it's not filling my pocket the way it used to.
I've looked into those American PTC websites and almost got one up and running until I realised how much unproductive time it would consume. I feel like I can do much better!
Hoping I can find something that I can do from home definately using the NZ market.
We need things to change here in NZ, that's for sure.

Posted: Sun 25 Jun, 2006 2:47 pm
by Tony
Whoops, just tried posting this and forgot to hit submit.

My name is Tony and I am re-designing my website at present.
I have read Cory Rudl's info from his company the Internet Marketing Centre and know enough about A.P.'s to be a thorn in the side of my web people.
I operate a scenic flight business in Nelson and wish to attract affiliates for my website.
I have looked at as an A.P. that was recommended to me. It is very well priced (about $199 I think) although it does look like a confusing programme.
Can anyone tell me of any really sharp and easy to use A.P.'s that don't cost the earth?
I also am trying to find out the best way to source the most suitable affiliates for my tourism business. Is there any software out there that you can purchase to help hunt for outstanding affiliates?

Love to hear from Nick or the rest of you.

Take it easy.


Posted: Mon 26 Jun, 2006 4:16 am
by Nick
Hi Tony,

Nice to hear from you.

Firstly if you are looking to set up an Affiliate Marketing Program I would invite you to send me a PM and I will send you my contact number so we can have a talk and give you an intro that might help you.

And I give you that invitation because of the following comments.

I would STRONGLY recommend ANYONE considering setting up an Affiliate Program to stay well away from buying a program to set up on their on server.

The reasons are these:

1: Many independant Affiliate Programs (i.e. those not on a professional network) can be a nightmare to set up correctly and maintain. Much more hassle than they are worth.

2: With an Independent program you then have to go find your own Affiliates - that can take months and months - all wasted time when you could be getting sales. No software on earth that will do this for you.

3: You will have tracking problems using indie AP's, and thats when you will start to lose what Affiliates you have. Most Affiliates have had bad experiences with merchants that don't want to pay, or that are only too quick to blame a lost sale on poor tracking. It only takes one sale not to be tracked, and word gets around and no Affiliate worth their salt will touch a merchant like that again. Sadly most merchants don't appreciate how much work is put in by the Affiliates.

4: The back office work involved in trying to run your own AP can be a nightmare - you don't need the hassle and I am sure you don't need to have to sit down for hours each month to attempt to work out who is owed what.

5: Virtually all worthwhile affiliates usually view AP's operated outside of a professional network, very dubiously. Those merchants trying to offer such AP are not considered as being serious about it, and lacking what it takes to run an AP professionally.


A professionally run AM network offers;

1: Reliable tracking
2: No installation and maintanence hassles
3: They provide access to an instant pool of Affiliates
4: The Networks third party status offers greater security for the Affiliate
5: The Network provides all the back office services and invoicing and you pay only one Affiliate payment cheque per month
6: Advice and assistance on how to run your AP correctly - otherwise you need to engage an AM Consultant like me to get the most out of your program - sorry but an AP won't just sit there and run itself if you want it to be successful.

BUT... you must use an AM Network that is geographically located to meet your requirements - VERY IMPORTANT.

Hope that gives you something to think about.

And if it's a cost issue that you are worried about in signing up with a Network, I might be able to help you out with that too.

Posted: Mon 26 Jun, 2006 11:38 am
by Nick
Hello Tasha,

I received your message and did reply to you but have not heard from you. Did you receive my reply?

If you are still interested in the info you requested, but did not receive my message and contact details, just let me know by PM.


Posted: Mon 26 Jun, 2006 3:32 pm
by Tasha
Thanks Nick,
I did get your email and had intended to give you a phone call over the weekend.
However that didn't eventuate.
Can I give you a call tonight, what time?