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Posted: Tue 10 Jan, 2006 9:42 pm
by helen99


Thanks to Maz for putting this forum together.

Has anybody read this book advertised on

Is it worth buying?

Is it worth selling?


Posted: Wed 11 Jan, 2006 2:39 am
by Nick
Hello Helen,

No, I have not read this particular book but have read many others similar over the years.

Is it worth reading? Well it depends on how much you already know about Affiliate Marketing. I would suggest that there is a lot of good free stuff out there on the Net that you would get much of the same info from ... and save yourself the money! You can also learn a whole lot from reading the specialist Affiliate Marketing forums especially those in the UK and the US. Also some of the forums like WebMaster World and Search Day. Plus there are a range of free Affiliate Marketing Courses that you can sign up for. And if you want to learn more about AM you can also ask questions on forums like this.

Is it worth selling it? Depends on who visits your site - are they kiwis or do you get some overseas traffic? No point trying to sell it if you have a site dedicated to Childrenswear or Electrical Gear. I would suggest that if you want to make some money selling this publication that you would need to target your market carefully....especially in this country because AM has hardly made an appearance here in NZ yet - at least not in a seriously professional way.

Hope this is of some help.

Posted: Wed 11 Jan, 2006 5:25 am
by maz
Hey Helen,

Welcome aboard! I just had a look at that ad. The only thing I want to add to it is that it's easy to claim great amounts of income, but you need to often spend money to make money. I refer to her bank statements. I could make $500,000 a month too, but it might cost me $498,000 in the process :)

I wonder, btw, what she means by "learn why 1-page microsites don't work" when she's in fact the proud owner of one. I'd buy the book just to hear her take on that!

I think it'd be OK. It's not a lot of money to invest to learn the ropes. There's millions of these books out there and really, it's a good investment since you're investing in knowledge. You have to spend money to make money is my take on it all. Well, not always, but mostly.


Posted: Wed 11 Jan, 2006 7:20 pm
by helen99
Thanks for the responses re

I found numerous free Affiliate Marketing courses online, the one I did download was supposedly a .pdf file however was a .exe file, and didn't seem to execute properly to the folder specified.

Does anyone know of any proper free AM courses that are genuine?

I guess, as suggested, doing a bit of reading in the initial stages, is a good thing, however there is nothing quite like seeing the real thing in action, or in fact, doing it.

For me, it is hard to know where to start!

Are there any members living in Auckland?



Posted: Wed 11 Jan, 2006 10:45 pm
by Nick
Hello Helen,

If you give me a bit of time I could dig some info out for you. Having said that, I am based in Auckland and so if you wanted to PM or email me then I would be happy to either contact you or alternatively I will reply with a phone number you can reach me on.

Please bear in mind that I am away early on Saturday for 2 weeks so would advise you get hold of me before then otherwise it will have to wait.



Posted: Thu 12 Jan, 2006 12:13 am
by maz
Here's one that springs to mind as a free gude - it's a bit waffly and geared to PPC but covers many points. Perry Marshall has a few good articles here as well (but not really an overview which is what you're after at this stage). Once you get the general 'picture' of how you want to market you can break each section down, for example, PPC, ad copy, etc. Then you can search for more specific tutorials for each step.

There's just hundreds of guides, here's a few more after Googling 'affiliate marketing tutorial' - ... rial.shtml and - they all say the same thing at the end. It just goes on forever.

Superaffliliate Handbook

Posted: Thu 23 Feb, 2006 6:35 pm
by awhitu
I am just getting into marketing on the net and downloaded the Superaffliliate book by Rosalind Gardner. Expensive, but as I knew virtually nothing it helped me to get started and lack of knowledge can be even more expensive!
Next I found the The Affiliate Masters Course by Ken Evoy. This was free and has a take on Affiliate marketing that is different from Rosalinds but still very useful.

By the way, sometimes WinXP does not like .exe files so here is a trick I use. Once you have downloaded the file if the icon shows up as a WinZip file, then rename the extension from a .exe to a .zip. WinZip will then unzip your files as normal. :)