Do you get food, wine and Auckland focused traffic?

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Do you get food, wine and Auckland focused traffic?

Post by pcmedia » Wed 28 Oct, 2009 11:49 pm

The Restaurant Value Book is Auckland's newest dining guide with a difference.

If you have traffic that may want to buy one of these books, you will earn $5 from every sale!

Unlike other books that go for $65 or more, this one only costs $20 and is more focused towards the 18 - 45 age bracket.

The book has loads of cool restaurants, pics of their food, full menu samples with pricing and vouchers for FREE bottles of wine, FREE mains and 25% off discount vouchers.

Each book has 11 FREE bottles of wine, for this reason alone, it's an easy sell. All vouchers valid until October 2010.

When they click your link, buy the book, we ship the same day and put $5 in your account. Full back end avail with stats for affiliates.

Full affiliate program now being set up, banners and text links available, all fully trackable back to you and cookies last for a whole YEAR! So even if they don't buy first time, when they return, you still get the commission!

Paypal or Bank Account, paid at the end of the month in $NZD.

Only looking for a few affiliates, pref with a decent amount of traffic that would fit the demo.

Please msg me through this forum if you're keen. Massive radio and offline campaign, 3 x promo cars and major presence at all upcoming outdoor events to support your promotions.

$5 per book, for the right site, this could make you a fortune. Definitely a better deal than the .03c a click you get from Google!

Hope to hear from motivated affiliates soon


Cheers, Adam.

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