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What is Better ? Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

Posted: Sun 08 Feb, 2009 1:22 pm
by nschulze
I use to do MLM for 18 months and never made a dime.
I racked up my credit card big time on useless product
autoship, 1,000 of uselss leads and monthly reoccurring
billing websites. But now I do affiliate marketing
mainly clickbank products I have made more money than I
ever have in MLM for 18months. That tells you something
about MLM and the horrible war stories and attrition rates
newtwork marketers try not to talk about because subject is
taboo. Your upline don't want you to quit because they get
paid every month you stay longer. Where's the trust my
friends. Who do you trust even everyone online has there
own secret agendas. Hmmm

My opinion

Network Marketing :evil:

Affiliate Marketing :P

Please tell me Your opinion!

Posted: Wed 04 Mar, 2009 6:18 pm
by dsflyman
I am new to the affiliate marketing program and haven't made much money so far. But I'm hopeful. I not quite sure what you mean by MLM. Can you explain briefly for a newbie?