OrangePeel Vision Board 40% commission first tier

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OrangePeel Vision Board 40% commission first tier

Post by OrangePeel » Sun 25 Jan, 2009 7:27 am

Hello everyone,

We have a genuine product that we would like to consider marketing on your website.

The OrangePeel Vision Board product can give your customers the key to harness the power of visualisation. OrangePeel is a New Zealand based company that has successfully marketed the vision board product since 2006. Our product is not only endorsed but also marketed by luminaries such as Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Vic Johnson and many other well known people. With the drop in the NZ dollar we felt it was time to create a New Zealand focussed website. The New Zealand website, will mainly (only) have NZ based affiliates linking to it and the focus will be on local NZ content.

Vision Board is an excellent tool to not only set your goals in life but also help maintain the enthusiasm that you have when you embark on a new venture. Whether it be health and fitness goals, financial freedom or parenting time management skills the Vision Board is a great tool. To support the Vision Board we include a free e-book Vision Board fundamentals. This book is rapidly becoming a very popular download from our website. The Vision Board also includes access to over US$1000 worth of bonus products and access to a great MovieRecorder tool created exclusively for the Vision Board.

There are a number of opportunities for marketing the Vision Board. It is possible to directly sell to your customers via webshop or as part of a package, e.g. training course etc. It is also possible to simply place one or more of our banners on your website or in your emails and when your customers purchase through our website the tracking software will allocate you the commission.

We have a generous commission payout of 40% on first tier sales and 10% on second tier sales. That means, if you sponsor other people to become affiliates then you are able to receive 10% of the sales that came through that affiliate. The Vision Board is priced at NZ$75 incl GST, that means you receive $30 on all first tier sales.

We are very confident of our product and if for any reason customers are not satisfied we have 90 day money back guarantee.

The main website can be found here
You can sign up as affiliate here

Thank your for your attention and I hope to consider becoming one of our valued affiliates.


Ralph Wesseling

Dr. Ralph Wesseling
Software Development
OrangePeel Vision Boards

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