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Is "Google Adwords" still profitable?

Posted: Sun 13 Feb, 2005 2:09 pm
by John Lam


It's good to see that NZ has its own affilate forum! I dont know how I get here but here I am :)

Actually, I've just started looking at these affiliate program and some article saying you can make some good profit out of google adwords, however, I am wondering is it still profitable? (when there are so many people who are doing it and many of the keywords, even the non-common ones, are out-bidded)

Posted: Sun 20 Feb, 2005 2:57 pm
by maz
Hi John, welcome to the board.

Yep, for sure, AdWords are extremely profitable. In fact I found another niche today that I already made one sale on within 2 clicks! To some degree it was luck finding it, but it really does help to stay away from the 'usual' stuff like travel, dating, CD stores if you don't know the ropes so well as you'll get killed by the money being pumped into those fields. The more niche the better really. Don't always go for the things you know something about, try and spread out your portfolio a bit and go for new things you have no idea on, you'll learn fast and have fun along the way probably! Perry's guide is excellent and really is the bible. He keeps up to date with everyone and as something new comes out lets people know.

ps Also analyse the site you want to promote. Would you buy from it? If not, move on!

Posted: Thu 22 Dec, 2005 10:25 pm
by Bobb
It depends what you mean by "profitable".In my experience it can be "profitable" if used in the right way eg: building a list of subscribers to a newsletter or report, Or sending traffic directly to an affiliate site.As long as the traffic is converting and you are getting good ROI. Anyone can slap up a adwords campaign and get targeted traffic to their site, Converting them into paying customers is a different story.I think there will always be money to be made in ppc as in any form of advertising, If used correctly.

Posted: Sun 25 Dec, 2005 8:33 am
by maz
Sending traffic directly to an affiliate site is a definite no-no, at the very minimum you want your own memorable domain name (DNS redirect), even better the database or newsletter as you say. I've had many affiliate programs that paid well that had the plug pulled for whatever reason, if that happens you have nothing. The downside of grabbing the email of course is that not as many will click through to the end merchant site, which means a trade off at the start for a better end. You really gotta have a lot of time on your hands to do all the newsletters etc though.

PS For the real pros, another extremely good use of AdWords: earning Frequent Flyer points on break-even keywords. Spend $1, earn $1. This should not be overlooked.

Posted: Sun 25 Dec, 2005 2:24 pm
by terryd
maz wrote:
PS For the real pros, another extremely good use of AdWords: earning Frequent Flyer points on break-even keywords. Spend $1, earn $1. This should not be overlooked.
Could you elaborate on this, I must admit I haven't heard of that before.


Posted: Sun 25 Dec, 2005 2:32 pm
by maz
Oh dear, I just realised how ambiguous that sounded. I mean find a program that you know makes you $1 for every $1 you spend on it. ie. you don't make any profit - but you don't make a loss either. We all know them - they're everywhere!

Well .. get your favourite credit card that converts frequent flyer points and start throwing money at it. Apart from the fact that your Google $/click decreases as your CTR improves after 1,000 impressions you're still spending the money on your credit card, aren't you? And that = frequent flyer points :)

It's just a bonus, nothing more. It makes sense on those programs you know inside out.