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Post by k1dub1 » Tue 26 Aug, 2008 7:34 pm

Greetings fellow affiliates, new to the world of internet marketing I was fortunate enough to attend the World Internet Summit in Auckland where my mind was opened to a whole new world and met and talked with some incredible guest speakers and attendees like myself and who were extremely friendly and helpful.

A world away from what I knew as "The Internet" where for the past few years checking emails, trademe and youtube "was the internet."

Finding this site is exactly what I have been hoping to stumble across,...yes stumble,...albeit I have perservered since the summit in july sifting through countless pages of information and misinformation at times not knowing what was and what wasnt,...
I feel that I deserve a break,...resisting the initial information overload and paralysis by over analysis scenarios

I have been reading up on anything and everything related to internet marketing have brought a few domain names, formed a company, registered with clickbank and am currently searching NZ companies which have affiliate programs that I might like to promote.(I amazed myself, simple I know,...but its just something I never imagined I would be doing.)

I am committed to making a success of this opportunity and would appreciate any assistance from those who may have tread this path before.
I am willing to share my experiences with other new affs as I learn and I am at a stage now where I feel that "you can only read so much" and feel comfortable enough to begin my first campaign.
I have set myself a time frame of 2 weeks.

I look forward to hearing from other affiliates and exchanging information.
I am fortunate to have kept in touch with a number of world internet summit attendees,judging by our emails are all at varying stages of bewilderment, but have arranged to meet in about 3 weeks time to catch up and motivate eachother and probably have a good laugh at ourselves.

I look forward to talking with and meeting with as many IM's as possible,...BELIEVE IN YOURSELF...

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Post by athlete12345 » Thu 28 Aug, 2008 10:31 pm

Great to hear of another Kiwi interested in AM

Why don't you tell us your sites so we can review them for you.

What are you doing in regards to marketing?
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Welcome to the affiliate world then K1

Post by kiwifisher » Sat 30 Aug, 2008 9:31 pm

Wished I had known about "The world summit' and I'd have been there too, alas...
May I ask what your 2 week time frame was about - what goals have you for just 2 weeks?

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