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Any Affiliate suggestions for My Breast Health Website?

Posted: Sun 10 Aug, 2008 7:36 pm
by Suzanne Early
Hi everyone. Newbie here. Have been working on my website since Feb 08 and am enjoying the process - altho it has been a huge learning curve. I have many pages up and traffic is starting to climb slowly. I have some adsense on my pages and am at the point of exploring affiliate possibilities. I have educational pages and put alot of "me" into them to help build credibility and trust. I have pages on self breast exam, health diet fitness topics relating to breast cancer and even pages on male breast cancer - did you guys realise you can have breast cancer?

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much, Suzie

Posted: Sat 30 Aug, 2008 4:02 pm
by lennonnz
Looking at the website.. yes it may be interesting but all it seems it is is full of links to other places.. and 1/2 of of each page is adsence ads.

To get people to stay on your website so you have more of a chance to make $$ .. you need some reason for them to stay.. but you just link off your website for nealy all your webpages.

There are many ways to make money for example on your type of website.. contact people involved in the industry..

Also .. you say all about Cancer. but nothing really WHAT do to about it.. no links to places you can go to..doctors.. local NZ information is what you need..

You have just tooo much google adsence ads.. more is not always better. put test ads in 1 place.. remove all the others.. make sure they can see it when they first go into the website but don't make it pop out as people will ignore it as its too obvious.

Write more real content instead of linking to lots of other places..

Posted: Sat 30 Aug, 2008 8:26 pm
by Suzanne Early
Hi there. Thanks so much for your feedback, I do appreciate it. Must admit I am a bit confused with some of it. I have written about 65 pages of content and only recently placed 1 square adsense ad on each page - on top left side (altho homepage does have 1 skyscrapper ad down right as well). When I researched Adsense it seemed the best place to have results was top left side above the fold, so thats why I thought I would try it there first.

On my Tier 2 pages I have many links but they are mostly internal linking to my own pages on my site, many being tier 3 pages. In my health diet fitness section I have exchanged links with a handful of people where it is appropriate to do, about antioxidants and breast cancer etc. Most of the links you see are to my own pages and not to others.

Perhaps it is the way I have formatted my tier 2 pages from my Nav bar - it may look like links out of my site when in fact they are clicks to different sections and pages within it.

The purpose of my site is about breast awareness for breast cancer, and I want to focus on encouraging women to do self breast exam. I aim to do many more pages, my site is in its infancy, so have many other areas to write about to add to my approx 65 pages already there. I enjoy writing and knowing that what I am doing will help women.

Thanks again for your feedback. I shall go and have another look at my site and see where I can improve.


Gota agree with Lennon sorry Suzzane

Posted: Sat 30 Aug, 2008 9:48 pm
by kiwifisher
Had a look at your site too Suz and yes, the adsense dominates way too much. Sure it's good to try and monetize a site, but don't let turning a buck overshadow the purpose of the site and put visitors off.
Some pics or diagrams would make it much more varied to view and the pink is just a shade too deep for my personal liking - still I'm, just a guy...and I did know guys can get breast cancer too. My neighbour died of it a view years ago much to his wife's understandable dismay.
Still , good that you're getting out and doing something..keep on developing it.


Posted: Sun 31 Aug, 2008 9:26 am
by athlete12345
I would definately get rid of one of the adsense groups on the front page. It's a bit too much with both of them and you risk turning people away before they even get to the secend tier pages.

I would also invest on a smaller, easier to remember domain.

Best of luck,


Posted: Sun 31 Aug, 2008 10:01 am
by lennonnz
Yes the domain name is not the easiest to remember

lets say that out.. dub dub dub dot early hifen detection hifen for hifen breast hifen cancer dot com.

not exactly the easiest to advertise/say out/advertise

compare that to (which is already taken but much easier to say... but still a horrible to write down so try and make it short as possible and maybe a if your market is NZ


Posted: Sun 31 Aug, 2008 1:11 pm
by Suzanne Early
Thank you very much for your feedback - ok you win :wink: I have taken off my skyscrapper adsense ad that was down the right side of my homepage, and have left the square on top left above the fold. It doesnt look as cluttered which is a good thing.

I agree graphics would help to create more interest and break up the text, but I found it very difficult to get the ones I actually have up on my site - due to the nature of the topic, I found it really hard to get appropriate woman/health/or artistic type photos. I am keeping my eye open for suitable options.

Ah yes, my domain name length - I have realised I should have gone short and to the point. I did name park it without the hyphens. When you are starting out, it all seems overwelming and alot to get your head around...but you live and learn!

I signed up with ShareAShare for affiliate ideas. I have gone with two (wanted a break from writing and got sidetracked). One for my yoga page that I was able to also use for my meditation page - these are reader submission pages as well. I also signed up for early detection for disease kits which I put on my health diet fitness Tier 2 page. Graphics help to break up the text, creates a bit of interest, so will see how it goes. Bit of an experiment. I could do lots of different affiliate type things on my tier 3 pages off health diet fitness T2 page, as they all focus on a different topic. But whatever I do over the rest of the site will need to be more aligned with my breast cancer focus.

Opted for .com instead of as I didnt want to just focus on NZ.

Now its back to writing more content. Appreciate your guidance! Suzie

Posted: Sun 31 Aug, 2008 2:56 pm
by lennonnz
The banner on the right hand side is ok.. just the box square one in the middle distracts from the rest of the 1st page.

You cannot force people to click the ads.. putting them right in the middle like you have just puts them off IMHO on the right hand side is a good solution

also.. ask yourself.. as google adsense really making you good money?

There may be other ways of making money apart from adsense. Contact people involved with Breast Cancer and see if they are willing to pay for advertising. This will only work if you can give them numbers of visitors per day.. 1000? 2000? 5000? or at the moment is it only 100/200 per day?


Posted: Sun 31 Aug, 2008 6:02 pm
by Suzanne Early
Hi Craig. I placed the ads on the left side of the white section, so they shouldnt be showing up in the middle of the white section. Its a 300 x 325 box. Yes, if its showing up in the middle it will look unappealing and salesy, which is not what Im trying to do. I am unable to place anything in the pink stripes down the side, with this design. I am considering changing to a different format to give a more professional, wider look.

Adsense isnt making much at the moment as I have only recently put it on and I am a young site building traffic. Have been focusing on building content till recently, and will continue to do so. It was an experiment to see how it worked and a change from writing....

Onwards and upwards, Suzie

Posted: Sun 31 Aug, 2008 11:07 pm
by lennonnz
This is just my opinion...

You have 3 sections..
left (menus)..
middle (content)
right (nothing at the moment)

put the google adsense on the right section
and remove them from the middle section and then people will be a be able to see the contents of the website much easier instead of having to scroll down all the time..iif ppl have to scroll to see the main information they wil give up

it should make the 1st page be mostly visable when you log in instead of having to scroll down to see the rest of the page

also check your content as some of your breast exams videos have been removed off youtube

Posted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008 12:04 pm
by athlete12345
I personally think you should leave the box at the top. I think you will get a higher conversion rate.

However in saying that. Some visitors may be put off.

Bit of a catch 22. You need to think - are you building the site to make money or to encourage visitors?

Posted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008 5:59 pm
by Suzanne Early
Thanks again for feedback and advice. The template design for my site means I am only able to use the Nav bar section and the middle white section. I am unable to place anything on the right side. Thats why I placed adsense within the white section - its the only option I have. I now realise that this design is limiting so have been looking at template designs that would allow me to place things on the right side, and would be much wider in general, meaning less scroll down needed.

Maybe I could experiment with the adsense block size.

Re video links - yes just found out they were down - the person concerned has been notified so we can address this problem. Thanks for letting me know.

Appreciate your help, Suzie

Posted: Mon 12 Jan, 2009 10:44 am
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