Evaluation of Some Affiliate Programmes Used

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Evaluation of Some Affiliate Programmes Used

Post by hauruapai » Mon 08 Nov, 2004 1:58 am

Kia ora :)

As the webmaster of www.maori.org.nz we run quite a few affiliate programmes so I thought I would share with you our experiences of them. We introduced affiliate programmes in August of this year.

Google AsSense
Well worth the effort to put this on a site, we get a good result, but realise that this is a reflection of the size of our site and the popularity we enjoy from other sites as well as our position in the search engines. However, for smaller sites, it is still worth the effort as every little bit counts!

If you email them about questions they are prompt in replying.

Unfortunatley they do not pay through PayPal, I have asked them about this a couple of times, but if any of you use them and ask them about it, then maybe they will finally make this facility available :P They have been pretty good at implementing other suggestions we have made.

One other downside is that although you can customise the colours, if you have a site with a background gif/jpg they do not have the customisation to allow this - it must be a solid colour. This is the reason why we do not use them as a search engine on our site - fyi FreeFind is who we use, fully customisable, allows for gif/jpg backgounds and when you have done upgrades on your site in terms of content, you can immediately request a re-spider so your search results can always be current.

Minimum payment $US100

The Bone Art Place
A great affiliate programme for high quality bone, greenstone, paua and pearl products. Prompt payments and also good response at answering questions.

Payment is on sales, minimum sales $US500, payment 10% but the cheque is in $NZ - converted of course.

A NZ supplier of books. They are in the process of adding 20,000 NZ books to their database. Any issues raised they deal with promptly.

Payment is on sales, minimum sales $NZ200, payment 10% and the cheque is in $NZ.

Alibris and Powells
2 American suppliers of books.
Minimum payment $US25, payment 7.5%

They pay 5% on sales - and are not really worth talking about. However, that could be because our site is only interested in Maori books and their selection for that genre is limited and lacking. Alibris and Powells (mentioned above) are better.

Suggestion: If you consider putting books on your site, then try to use only one book seller rather than having a variey of sellers like us! Once fishpond gets their 20,000 books online, we will be searching for the books that they are not currently the provider for and changing over to them. This way all the sales will be from one place and it will be easier to reach the targets for payout :)

Real Grovvy
A NZ supplier of mainly Music CD's

Payment is on sales, minimum sales $NZ1,000, payment 5% and the cheque is in $NZ.

A NZ supplier of mainly Maori CD's
Payment is on sales, minimum sales $NZ500, payment 5% and the cheque is in $NZ.

We have used this programme as the back up for when google adds don't display, so instead of having their sponsored adds we have customised a page and have js code to rotate through the clixGalore programmes that we have signed up to. So we make a couple of cents a month from this, but have not really pushed or promoted these merchants. They offer programmes for the whole range, click, sales etc.

Suggestion: If you run google adds join an affiliate programme and create a custom file and rotate the adds through using js as this way each click will count, either for google or for the affiliate programme. :)

There are a few other affiliates that we have, but at this point in time we have not had any sales from them, so therefore we can not comment. This in no way reflects their products but our handling of them - some products appear on many pages in our site and some only appear in one page.

There are also a few other affiliates that sell Maori Products that we do not have and this is a relection of their tacky products - maori.org.nz will not promote rubbish! :mrgreen:
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Post by maz » Wed 08 Dec, 2004 7:20 am

Ah man $500/$1000 minmimum limits seem pretty steep, certainly would put a few prospective affiliates off IMO. You'd want to be sure you were getting half decent EPC rates for those!

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