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Posted: Thu 28 Dec, 2006 11:45 pm
by maz
Have been quite intrigued by the recent Trade Me auction at ... d=80687670 where the website is being sold, at a reserve of $25k.

A unique aspect of the auction was having #1 spot on for 'pizza delivery' and 'food delivery'.

So we played around with it ourselves last week and got AffChat to spot #5 for pizza: ... DcountryNZ

Not to mention #3 for 'food delivery'; ... DcountryNZ

But what does it all mean?

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Posted: Fri 29 Dec, 2006 8:13 am
by lennonnz
Looking at the site.. I don't think personally it is worth what he is wanting for it. I would want a lot more information on the website before I made any bids.

The Website doesn't rate on Alexa at all and getting a PR of 3 on the main page isn't that high really.. He doesn't say how many visitors a day he gets

He says he make $2000 in the last few months on banners.. ~600/month.. I make for example $100/month off (and it took me a day to write and nothing has been done on it since really), so is worth $4000?? (1/6 of $25000).

Traffic is King

Posted: Tue 30 Jan, 2007 10:51 am
by manbat

1st post here (not scared)


Search Engine results like that are worth monthly gold.

Find a national pizza delivery firm who have an affiliate programme/need more traffic, (fk, who doesn't) get a monthly AP with them, fit an allowed, refresh code (see me) and send the traffic to your client.


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Posted: Sun 18 Feb, 2007 10:55 pm
by Nick
Sorry to say that a ranking in a Search Engine today means little or nothing.

With the changes that have been going on over the last 2 - 3 years, and particularly with the techies at Google not realising that other countries exist beyong LA or NY (a common American trait in many businesses), you can be in Number 1 position today, and number 101 tomorrow.

If you want to start to establish a value in a domain, you want to use one of the online tools to see how many links exist to the site. You have just got to have links to your site. They are essential to rank well. And they need to be quality links - not from unrelated sites that simply sign up to linking scams.

Another important point to consider - and I have only come across this in the last months - is that it has been a growing practice over the last 3 - 5 years to buy expired domains to access the links that domain had pointing to it. As a result Google has woken up to this and there is some solid speculation going on overseas, that Google has the ability to track change of ownership of domains, and when it changes, to either penalise the domain and/or wipe the PR on the site.

Getting ranking in NZ is still reasonably easy compared to countries like the UK and US. I would certainly not spend $25,000 grand to get it. If you want a top 5 position I'll do it for you for under $10,000 and give you change. I can't guarantee it will always stay there though.

As for a name like "I'm Hungry"....????!!! ...I have to ask myself how many people wanting to eat a Pizza will do a search on a phrase like that? Different if you are in a brand-building exercise and have already spent $200,000 on a TV, paper and radio and campaign and people already know you by that name.