An interesting approach to affiliate marketing

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An interesting approach to affiliate marketing

Post by aceofwebs » Wed 27 Dec, 2006 8:53 am

I've just read an interesting e-book called '5Bucks a Day' by Dennis Becker. It has some practical advice for anyone struggling to make money with affiliate marketing.

Becker's approach is based on the fact that most people trying to make money online keep jumping from one thing to another, and never focus on any one thing long enough to succeed. They just get started on something, and then along comes the next 'sure thing' to make money, so they go off on a tangent on this latest idea.

Becker's plan is basically that you should focus on one thing exclusively until you are making $5 a day from it. He recommends first making a list of all the money making ideas you can think of (all the programs you've signed up to but never followed through on or made any money with etc). then pick one of them and focus on it until you are making $5 a day in residual income.

Okay, $5 a day doesn't sound like much (it's actually $1825 a year). But if you can achieve this once, then it gives you confidence that you can repeat the exercise again and again, until you have a whole lot of projects making $5 a day. This is not a get rich quick approach. It may take a year or two to be making a good income from it. But it makes a lot of sense to me.

Becker also has an interesting approach to using Google Adwords. As anyone who has used Adwords knows, you can lose a lot of money fast if you're not careful. You can read the gurus, like Perry Marshall, but it's complicated to put everything into practice. Becker's approach is much more straightforward. Basically, he setsup about 15 different ads and sets a limit of, say, $10 that he's prepared to spend on each one before pulling the plug if it's not getting results.

Using this approach, he reckons you can expect to get about one winner out of every 15 ads. So drop the 14 losers and just keep running the ad that's making money. Then repeat the process with 15 more test ads ... and so on ... and so on ... until you have a whole heap of money-making Google ads.

It's an interesting approach and it rings true because Becker has apparently used it to finally succeed in internet marketing about three years of losing money hand over fist.

You can check it out at
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Post by bbsl » Wed 10 Jan, 2007 5:46 pm

I agree. To have success with Google Adwords simply needs education and understanding of what really works, and more importantly WHAT DOESNT. You do have to try things out and do lots of test and measure. We have a very successful money-making venture based on Google Adwords supplying leads for tyhe Richmastery Affiliate Scheme. And if I can do it, so can anyone!!

The Richmastery (Property Investment and Wealth Creation Education) Affiliate Scheme is great and it also allows you to have sub-affiliates. It currently pays down just the one extra level but is good for leveraging your time and investment.

the website address is

have a look. Its all quite simple to utilise

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