I'm new at this.

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I'm new at this.

Post by athlete12345 » Tue 05 Dec, 2006 4:40 pm

Hi all.

I am the owner of a small enterprise www.study4success.co.nz that sells CDs of music that aid in concentration and learning. I am interested in starting some affiliate marketing as well as some of my own online marketing.

I am kind of new to this, although very passionate, and would appreciate as much help, advice, criticism as anyone can give me.
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Post by pantz » Fri 15 Dec, 2006 7:19 pm

I'd be happy to help you out with your web site and promotion if need be athlete12345. Already posted about it but some of your images are broken on your home page and I'm not so sure that red background with black text is helping you out.

Send me a PM if you need alil help

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SEO it

Post by manbat » Tue 30 Jan, 2007 11:01 am


Selling music online is a hard nut to crack, but doable over time.

You need to have the website make search engine friendly and optimised for your target phrases as well as get some good incoming links.

Do this and you will have a wayyyyyy better shot at monetising your website.

I will fix the broken images and give it an aesthetic touch while I am at it.

Email me and we can talk bucks, won't be a fortune.

Am in it more for the giant killing, nailing Search Engines.

Because I can


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