Looking for an Online Marketing expert

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Looking for an Online Marketing expert

Post by xxkaiwaxx » Mon 03 Sep, 2012 8:15 pm

I am just scouting the web trying to find a Seasoned online marketing expert.
I think i have found an exceedingly profitable niche that has absolutely no competition whatsoever.
Does that kind of thing still happen?
It must be a mission for all affiliate marketers to scwobble over the left overs of the most profitable niches that have long past their expiry date hmm.

I think my idea is going to make a stack of cash. But i have little to no experience in online marketing =/
But maybe im wrong. Maybe it wont be successful at all. But if there is anyone trustworthy enough to work for me...or work with me in a partnership and is willing to scout out the potential for themselves first and comes to the same conclusion as i have then maybe you should leave me a message.

I really want to do this right the first time, if this niche is what i believe it to be. Id like to become well established in the niche long before any others pick up on it later on.
And like i said. If i think i can really trust you , and ur willing to hear me out then Id love to start a business partnership with you also. Im not greedy :) ...i hope your not either ^^

With your skills and my findings i think life will be very very good soon after =)

Id like to see some of your work if thats ok.
And also some general chit chat would be nice just to become familiar with eachother.
It'll be easier for me to decide who i can trust after those things.

Hope to hear from someone soon!

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