Hey Guys, New Here ... Happy To Help Others ...

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Hey Guys, New Here ... Happy To Help Others ...

Postby aj » Fri 25 Feb, 2011 10:16 am

Just thought I'd chime into the new forum and say hello,

Im pretty good with;

    Email A/R's
    Web design
    Sotware Development
    Internet Marketing
    Flash Audio, Video and Animation
    Advanced Video Editing etc

So looking forward to help others out here with
this sort of stuff ... for your affiliate marketing needs :)

Although I'm based in Melbourne, Australia ... Im actually from Wairoa, New Zealand.
Mum's in Napier, Family in Wairoa and Dads in Ruatoria / Te Araroa (of all places lol).

So look forward to connecting with any NZd'ers ...

happy days!

- aj

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