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Posted: Thu 02 Mar, 2006 1:31 pm
by Bullza
Hi people,
I am a newbie just started on affiliating for about a weeks.
I was using google adwords, and so far, I have no luck getting people buying what I was promoting.

I wonder if it really works.
Are Cj and clickbank really good? what are search engine have something like google adwords?

Can you guys give me some tips on how to start,
really appreciate it.
Thanks a million for you help

Posted: Thu 06 Apr, 2006 11:18 pm
by Nick

I don't quite know what you are attempting to achieve so I am not sure of the best way to help. But allow me to offer the following advice and suggestions.

If you are a a manufacturer or a retailer where you are trying to sell products, use Google Adwords: a PPC program where webmasters can create their own ads and bid for the keywords that they want to use to draw traffic. I suggest this because if you are selling a product yourself you will have far more profit margin with which to pay for the cost of running a PPC campaign where you are paying a fixed amount everyone clicks on one of you ads on someone elses site. You use Adwords to create targetted traffic. Yes it does work and it will create traffic but there is a cost attached that can quickly run out of control unless you target your traffic very carefully. And even then you should be only looking at a visitor/sales conversion rate of 1%

Alternatively, if you have already have traffic coming to your site, you then use Google AdSense where you earn money by displaying AdWords ads on your site. Google Adsense also works, and you can make good money with it, but you are simply using it to monetise the traffic you already have.

I am not saying that if you are an Affiliate you should not use Adwords, because I have friends who are full time professional marketeers and use Adwords to create traffic very successfully, but because it is a form of Pay-Per-Click marketing, you need to be very careful in your calculations to make sure that you don't spend more getting that traffic, than what you earn by receiving only a commission. Also for those operating in the New Zealand market it can be particularly expensive because of the exchange rates. I know some casino, mobile phone and credit card sites that are bidding up to £5 - £10 a click and when you convert this to NZ$ you are looking at $13 -$25 per click. Big Bucks!

In short if you are trying to make Affiliate Marketing work, you need to be grabbing as much free traffic as possible - and you will get this from the Search Engines. Write a site that offers content that people will want to read and use, and then make sure that each page has been optimised correctly and then that traffic will come. Link swapping with other sites will also produce traffic - BUT DON'T TAKE PART in Link Swapping Networks - it can result in you getting banned or blacklisted on some search engines.

And when you write that site, make sure that the content is good enough for you to want to use yourself, whether it be about golf, babies or growing daffodils.

You ask about CJ and Clickbank.

For a start I would forget about Clickbank because I have never ever really considered it a place for serious merchants anyway. Anyway, it is primarily there for US merchants and US affiliates. Most merchants that use Clickbank are merchants that are not really serious about Affiliate Marketing. In my experience it is a place where merchants that do not want to incur the costs of using a proper Affiliate Network go....if also in my experience if a merchant wants to try and do this on the cheap, they are often the type of merchant that is not really serious about paying their affiliates.

CJ on the other hand is a serious player in the Affiliate Marketing game. BUT most of their merchants are either in the US or in the UK and that is great if like me, you have sites in the UK and US that are set up to cater for purchasing customers in the UK and US, that we draw from the US and UK search engines. But it is awaste of time if you have a NZ website offering products to NZ buyers. Remember that at least 90% of online shoppers are only really comfortable buying products in their own country.

So what you do is you build a website on a subject that you like, you then buy a domain name, and then you have it hosted in the UK. That way you have a website that has a chance of getting ranked in Google UK and in the UK market (60 mil people) and you are offering them UK products from UK merchants. It doesn't matter whatsoever that you are based here in New Zealand. Plus you have the added benefit that you are being paid in UK Pounds which is currently worth 2.7 times more than the NZ Dollar.

So there you are mate, you have some tips to help you start. I have friends (not in this country) that are making well over $100,000 a year working from home, and Affiliate Marketing is now a full time occupation for them.

If I can be of more assistance, you and anyone else can feel free to PM me and I am happy to offer whatever help I can - however I can't do it all for you - you must be prepared to put the time in too.

If you want to be serious about making a living from Affiliate Marketing, you also want to get to know about Search Engine Optimisation because this is the key to getting that free traffic to your site.

My last word is this - don't try to get serious about Affiliate Marketing promoting New Zealand merchants too much. Those few merchants that are running an affiliate program here in NZ are not using professional Affiliate Networks, instead they are trying to go down the el'cheapo route by using standalone Affiliate Programs on their own servers. This is not the answer for either them or you. Once the merchants in this country start to get serious about Affiliate Marketing, they will start looking to use a professional Affiliate Network that has a pool of affiliates waiting to promote them. And reputable companies like Commission Monster are just waiting to help them.

And if you are interested enough to give the UK market a try, you will find at least 8 good Networks that will help you to make a good earn.

The good news is that some merchants over here are starting to wake up and realise the potential. One of my clients here in NZ has realised the huge potential there is for their bedding products in the US and the UK. We have helped them to select the right Affiliate Marketing Network to use, where to host their website, we have Search Engine Optimised their new site specifically for the right Search Engines in the UK and US and have put together a UK based PPC marketing program for them.....

As a result they are really going to kill it. They are becoming exporters without even leaving their office....and they will be getting retail prices much higher than they are getting here in New Zealand.

Anyway hope some of this helps.

Oh and by the way......if anyone wants cost effective hosting in the UK or US, contact me with your contact details via PM.

Affiliate Marketing & Online Marketing Consultant

8 good networks

Posted: Tue 30 May, 2006 10:11 pm
by johnfrancis
Hi Nick,

I'm very new to this whole AM thing and was wondering if you could list the 8 good UK networks that you mentioned.


Posted: Wed 31 May, 2006 3:59 pm
by Nick
Hey JohnFrancis

Depending on whether you want them as a merchant or as an Affiliate, you don't say, but here are the main networks that I work with:

Commission Junction in the UK
Affiliate Windows
Perfiliate (
Affiliate Future
Paid on Results

There are a couple of others like SilverTap and TOTC that specialise in things like financial products.

You also want to get registered at the Affiliates4U forum. A great source of info especially if you are new to the game.

There are a whole lot of new small Networks that have popped up over there in the last 6 - 12 months but I am rather hesitant to get involved with them too much at the moment.

Hope this helps.


Posted: Thu 01 Jun, 2006 12:55 pm
by johnfrancis
Thanks Nick. I was interested from an Affiliate point of view, I'm trying to earn some extra cash so my wife can stop working nights!!!

Well thats my One year plan anyway.


Posted: Sun 02 Jul, 2006 1:11 am
by noskire
This is a good and profitable intro to affiliate-marketing.

Posted: Mon 03 Jul, 2006 4:47 pm
by Nick
It's good to know that someone is getting the benefits from it.

We'll get AM going in this country by hook or by crook somehow - even if it takes 10 years.

Re: Help

Posted: Sat 23 Jun, 2018 8:27 pm
by Yake44
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